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When you’re running a small business and need to control costs, having your own lawyer often seems like an overhead you can’t afford. We understand that. But we also know how much value we can add when we collaborate with you to achieve your business goals - across your entire business life-cycle.

Does all the legal stuff seem too hard? Perhaps you don’t really know what you need to have in place. Or you could use a helping hand here and there to get started, clear up the logjam, or just chat about something every now and then. We are happy to come and sit down with you for a couple of hours to hear about your business, what your objectives are, the challenges you face and how we might help.

Get in touch with us to arrange a time for us to catch up and have a chat - on us.

We are flexible in our approach. Whether you need something in particular done or you need a helping hand a few hours a week. We’re interested in working out how we can help you to achieve your goals.