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Commercial and Contract Lawyers Serving Emerald

At Quad Legal, we understand that businesses need legal advice and services that are comprehensive without getting bogged down in the detail.

Our team has gained experience in top law firms nationally and internationally, but unlike big firms, there is no double handling, time-wasting, or unnecessary jargon with us.

Instead, we support your business through quality legal services backed by extensive experience in commercial and corporate matters.

From contract disputes to asset sales to compliance matters, we are your dedicated commercial and contract lawyers serving Emerald.

How Quad Legal Help Businesses?
Quad Legal works hard to understand the needs of its clients and direct the work that it undertakes to best achieve our client’s objectives. We do this by:
  • providing-quality-services

    Providing Quality

  • accredited-specialists

    Being Accredited Specialists
    in Our Areas of Expertise

  • our-experience

    Using Our Experience Gained
    Internationally and in Top Tier
    Firms for Your Benefit

  • working-efficiently

    Working Efficiently

  • focussing-cost-effective

    Focussing on Being Cost
    Effective for Our Clients

  • appropriate-fixed-fees

    Where Appropriate, Providing
    Fixed Fees or Caps on Our Work

That’s Where We Come In.

Find out how we help businesses like yours with an obligation free discovery call today.

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What Our Clients Say About Us
star rating

The experience I've had with the team from Quad Legal is like no other! Professional, efficient and friendly! The team…

MatthewBusiness Owner

The experience I’ve had with the team from Quad Legal is like no other! Professional, efficient and friendly! The team went out of their way to make sure the information in my business contract was up to date and met all the industry requirements.

MatthewBusiness Owner
star rating

I engaged Quad Legal to help prepare a services agreement for my technology-based business. I had purchased an “off the…

KellySmall Business Owner

I engaged Quad Legal to help prepare a services agreement for my technology-based business. I had purchased an “off the shelf” product elsewhere but soon realised, with the help of Quad Legal, that it wasn’t really adapted to my business. Quad Legal prepared a draft agreement that reflected the actual issues that face my business and how I work with my clients. Most importantly they explained the issues to me in plain language that I could understand…

KellySmall Business Owner
star rating

Quad Legal streamlined our business contracts with precision and professionalism. Their expert guidance, led by Richard, ensured we understood every…

WilliamBusiness Owner

Quad Legal streamlined our business contracts with precision and professionalism. Their expert guidance, led by Richard, ensured we understood every detail while minimising complexities. Trusting Quad Legal was a game-changer for our contracts – a true partner in our business success.

WilliamBusiness Owner
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Let’s talk about how we can help

First – we’d like to hear about your business. What’s going on? What do you need? Is there something in particular worrying you or are you concerned about risks you can’t see?

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    Emerald’s Business Contract Lawyers: Fixed Priced Contracting Services

    When it comes to business contracts, you need to know your rights and how to protect them. At Quad Legal, our contract lawyers can:

    • Prepare and draft commercial contracts for a fixed fee
    • Review, negotiate and amend pending commercial contracts
    • Help you navigate contracting issues, including contract disputes
    • Advise you of your rights under your business contracts

    We achieve the best possible outcome for our business clients in three steps:

    1. Identify key risk areas relating to a commercial arrangement
    2. Draft or review a contract that protects you from those risks
    3. Negotiate with the counterparty to ensure we reach an outcome that works for you.

    Our team has had years of experience working for clients in and around the mining and resources sectors.  We understand the industry and the critical issues to most commercial contracts around the mining and resources sectors.  Importantly, we have worked with all the big mining and resources companies, so we know how to deal with them when you have to contract with them.  Our specialist mining experience includes working with clients on:

    • contract mining contracts and subcontractor arrangements
    • equipment rental agreements with the big companies
    • supply / procurement agreements between mining services suppliers and contractors and the big miners
    • mining services and other services agreements with the mining companies.

    We have also assisted many clients on buying or selling businesses in the mining, resources and energy sectors.

    Whether you need to lay the groundwork for the future of your company, negotiate farm in agreements, or draft any commercial agreement, our contract lawyers working with our clients in Emerald can help you.


    Commercial Lawyers Emerald: Get Advice From an Accredited Specialist

    Business and commercial law matters extend far beyond contracting considerations.

    As a business law specialist accredited by the Queensland Law Society, our Principal Lawyer can advise you on all commercial law matters.

    Our areas of practice also include:

    • Services when buying or selling a business/company
    • Australian consumer law compliance information
    • Advice on your data and privacy obligations
    • Helping you protect your intellectual property
    • And more

    Contact our business solicitors to arrange a free initial discovery meeting.


    Sale or Purchase of a Business in Emerald: Our Commercial Lawyers Can Guide You

    If buying or selling a family home is the most significant transaction that you will ever be part of, then buying or selling a business is second.

    Quad Legal understands the inherent risks and rewards that come with buying or selling a business, and we can guide you through each step of the process to achieve your objectives.

    Quad Legal will:

    • Take care of initial engagement: including everything required to get the process started. We draft teasers, confidentiality agreements, information memorandums, and other important documentation.
    • Assist with due diligence: from setting up a data room to managing Q&A, we can handle it for you.
    • Drafting and negotiating the sale agreement: Quad Legal can draft purchase agreements, engage in negotiations, and finalise the transaction. We deliver for all parties and ensure risk and liability are allocated in the most effective manner.

    To purchase or sell a business in the most time and cost-effective manner possible, engage our commercial lawyers today.


    E-Commerce Lawyers: Working With Emerald’s Online Business Community

    If you conduct any or all of your business activities online, you need to ensure your online presence meets Australian consumer law requirements. You will also need privacy and data collection policies, as well as terms and conditions of use for your website, online store, app, and other relevant platforms.

    Our experienced e-commerce lawyers can ensure you are protected and meet all obligations when operating online. When you are building or expanding your online footprint and marketing, reach out to Quad Legal for clear-sighted advice and pragmatic solutions.

    Reach Out to Our Commercial and Contract Lawyers in Serving Emerald

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