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About Us

Why Quad Legal?

After years working in the legal industry, we realised something was missing – the simple acts of listening first, understanding second, and doing last. Law firms often start with the law not with the business. They can tell you all the things you should do before they’ve really listened to what you need.

We think there’s a better way.

Quad Legal is built on four pillars to deliver value for our clients:
respect-relationship1. Respect And Relationships

It’s your business and you know it best. We know the importance of working with a business – not just advising from a distance. Because we listen first to what you need, our advice is grounded in understanding what’s important to you and what makes your business unique. We believe in long-term working relationships based on mutual respect and shared experience, to deliver on your business objectives and meet your requirements.

stregth-purpose2. Strength And Purpose

We are all about strong fundamentals. We’ll work with you to help improve the structures of your business to make it more resilient. Everything we do has to have a purpose that works for you. Being great at the detail is essential. So is never losing sight of the bigger picture – improving your business. When your business legacy is important, Quad Legal will work with you to strengthen and preserve that.

clarity-transparency3. Clarity And Transparency

We won’t simply hand over advice or a draft document, or just tell you what to do. So you can make well-informed decisions, we clearly explain how the legal issues affect your business. We’ll spend the time with you to get you there.

And we understand that unexpected legal costs can put stress on a business. Our pricing is transparent, so you know exactly what you’re up for.

flexibility-pragmatism4. Flexibility And Pragmatism

We’re a small business too – so we’re flexible, agile and pragmatic. You get large law firm experience on your side, with none of the bureaucracy. We work with family-owned companies, and others that feel like family. Businesses can be complex and come with histories, personalities and politics. We know it’s not always about the legal issue. It’s about working with what’s there, and getting stuff done so the business grows.

Helping You Understand the Legal Stuff

If you’re like many other companies, your business has evolved fairly organically and you’ve survived because you’ve been good at reacting as things change. That’s great and it’s clearly working.

We think we can help you do better than react. Our aim is to help you keep ahead of issues and make sure your business foundations are strong.

Quad Legal works with businesses like yours to help them navigate all those ‘unknown unknowns’. So you can be prepared. Maybe sleep better knowing you’ve got the fundamentals under control.

Our experience tells us that business owners and managers who understand legal issues make better decisions that benefit their businesses. We guide you through all the issues and make sure you know what is best – but we want you to make the decisions. We are prepared to spend the time with you to get you there.

And we’re confident we can show you it will be a good investment.

Working With Us
The way we work with you reflects our four pillars:
Respect and relationship, strength and purpose, clarity and transparency, flexibility and pragmatism

First, let’s sit down with you to listen and learn about your business – what it does, how it works, who it works with and where it works.


Second, let’s work together to really understand what you want to achieve by getting us involved. What are your key concerns and issues facing the business?


Third, we’ll get down into the detail – mapping out all the steps that need to happen to get you where you want to go and when you want to be there.


Fourth, we will provide you with a clear quote. We’ll explain clearly what’s included and what’s not, and how things might change. Wherever possible we’ll give you a fixed fee proposal.


Once we’ve got it all down in writing, signed and squared away, we’ll get on with making sure we deliver what you want, when you need it.


Most importantly, we will sit with you and make sure you understand our advice, or what an agreement means, so that you can make a good, well-informed decision with full understanding of what it means for your business.

Helping Achieve Your Goals – it’s What we’re Here For

Our principal, Richard, has 15 years of experience in top-tier firms. He works with clients in the energy, resources and industrial sectors – in Australia and internationally. As a General Counsel in the mining services sector he works across energy, resources, transport and logistics projects. He has advised on large-scale project developments, cross-border transactions and joint venture arrangements.

Alongside his legal career Richard coached people to the Olympic Games in athletics, so he knows how to support people to achieve their goals, how to work on weaknesses together to develop strengths, and the value of collaborating with people over the long haul. He brings all the attributes of top-level coaching to Quad Legal – precision, hard work, patience and good communication.